Max Blackburn Reviews the Supermodel Drysuit

Max BlackburnMax is part of our drysuit test team and paddles almost every single day in the Pacific Northwest- where drysuits are required gear. Here was his feedback on the production-quality sample we sent him early last year:

From the moment I first put the IR supermodel drysuit on I could tell something was different. It was so lightweight and comfortable. I was thinking that there was no way it was going to stay dry and warm, especially in the frigid waters of the northwest. But sure enough, after an entire spring of high water Little White and other northwest runs, an entire summer of rafting and kayaking and a fall full of boating in the cold rains that the gorge often provides, I have no memories of being cold or wet and quite a few of being dry, warm and happy. I lent it to my buddy Seth for his day of running the Little White 10 times and he said it played a huge part in that accomplishment.  It is pretty nice to not have to worry about bringing a dry change of clothes when you are going to your local run because you can just wear what you wore on the river. The fabric breathes well, while still staying strong and holding in heat. My mobility is not restricted at all as I’ve found with some other drysuits. It also packs down smaller than any other suit ive ever owned. Overall it is the best drysuit I have ever used and it still looks and feels the same today as it did the day I got it, almost a year later.

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