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Over the past 10 years we’ve spent a lot time thinking about dry suits- we’ve made a bunch of them and they are a tremendous amount of work.  During a typical design phase we spend hundreds of hours working on patterns and sourcing materials. In preparation for production we often hand-make dozens of samples for our athletes to test, with each suit taking days to make. During production we spend weeks in the factory overseeing each and every step of the manufacturing process, and then after they are done, we have a chance to see our suits come back for repairs, along with suits from every other manufacturer in the business. To say that it’s almost an obsession with us would be true- and it should be. Making kayaking gear is IR’s sole focus, and the drysuit is the ultimate piece of paddling gear.

We are always asking ourselves how we could make the best kayaking drysuit on the market, and the Supermodel is the answer to that question- it is the culmination of everything we have learned about dry wear since we made our first prototype dry suit for Daniel DeLaVergne in 2004.

The heart of the Supermodel design is it’s phenomenal fabric. The 100% nylon shell material is light,  remarkably durable for it’s weight and has great hand feel. The laminate is extremely breathable and completely unfazed by the brutal conditions found inside the typical drysuit. Simply put, the suit is made with the best material we have ever seen for dry suits and dry tops.

The feature set is exactly what we expect out of a high-end kayaking dry suit: Fabric booties, flexible lightweight T-Zip zippers, heavy gauge nylon used for the elbows, knees and butt, rear entry zip (through the shoulders), glued-in gaskets and an inner neoprene waistband. In addition, we have designed every seam on the suit for ease of taping, we hot press every single cross seam on the suit, and we submerge and air test every suit coming off the production line to test for leaks.

The Supermodel also comes backed by IR’s well-known dedication to customer service. If you have any questions or problems, you know that you can reach us easily by phone or email, and when you talk with anybody on our staff, you are talking to a kayaker who is there to make sure you are 100% satisfied our company and products.

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Also see our dry suit FAQs here

We know that buying a dry suit is a big purchase, so please don’t hesitate to call or write us with questions, we’ll be glad to help.



Height5’ 4”- 5’ 7”5’ 8”- 5’ 10”5’ 11”- 6’ 1”6’ 2”- 6’ 4”6’ 4”- 6’ 6”
Foot Size7-89-1011-1212-1313-14

A few notes on drysuit sizing:

1) Inseams on drysuits are typically a bit longer than pants- this is to accomodate a sitting position and socks. Having an inch or two extra in the inseam is not necessarily a bad thing.

2) The feet on your drysuit will most likely be a bit baggy- this is not only to accomodate all feet in a size range, but also because bigger feet are easier to seam tape and keep dry.

3) Because drysuits encompass so many measurements (feet, inseam, chest) you many not fall perfectly into one size. But in many cases, if you are close the suit will work just fine. You can always call us for specific fit advice.

We can also do many basic alterations to a drysuit, like shorten/ lengthen arms and legs, as well as replace fabric socks with latex booties. Please call us for details.


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