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Shockwave Plus Spray Skirt


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Product Description

Take our very popular Shockwave spray skirt and add a little extra reinforcement on the sides of the rims, and you have our Shockwave Plus. A perfect skirt if you need something a little more stout than our Shockwave, but don’t need to go all the way to a class V style skirt like the Lucky Charm or Klingon. This bungee-style skirt comes in 4 deck sizes, and fits a wide variety of rims.

Please note that the Shockwave and Shockwave Plus skirts no longer have the webbing deck strap shown in the video.


Visit to find out the measurements for your rim


  • •If your rim is in-between sizes, tighter will dryer, but harder to put on. If you are running class IV whitewater, we typically recommend tigher.
  • •Bungee skirts tend to be easier to get on and drier, but implode easier. Rand skirts tend to be harder to put on, but much more implosion-proof
  • • If you paddle a Pyranha Burn or Everest, we recommend a rand skirt.
  • • Proper skirt fit can be a process of trial and error. Have patience- we will too. Feel to call us with any questions. 814-395-9191

Tunnel Sizing

Men's waist28"-30"30"-33"33"-36"36"-40"40"-44"
J-Lo Womens skirt46-810-1214n/a



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