Drysuit Rentals

Arch Rival Dry Suit Rear Zip Green
You can rent this puppy!

Are you planning a cold weather paddling trip, but don’t want to shell out the cash for a drysuit? Or maybe you’ve heard the hype about how great drysuits are, and you want to try one before you buy. Well, we  have an answer for you- a drysuit rental.

1 day rental: $49
7 days (one week): $165
14 days (two weeks): $265
21 days (three weeks): $350

The fine print:

  • Drysuit rentals need to be secured with a credit card
  • You’ll have to pay for any repairs if you tear or hurt the suit beyond normal wear (but we keep it very reasonable)

If you are interested in renting any drysuits that IR has to offer please contact Ian@immersionresearch.com or give us a call at 814-395-9191.