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When we set out to design the Supermodel dry top we looked for inspiration in high end, packable alpine shells, and the end result is a waterproof breathable dry top that is simply a delight to wear on the water. The heart of this jacket is it’s phenomenal fabric. The 100% nylon shell material is light, remarkably durable for it’s weight and has great hand feel. The laminate is a very breathable PTFE and completely unfazed by the brutal conditions found inside the typical dry top.

The jacket design is purposefully simple- long, straight seams that are easy to tape with uniform heat, and we eliminate all bulky 4-way cross seams. Each seam junction is hot/cold pressed, and the seam allowances are hand trimmed to 1/8th inch to keep air channels under the seam tape to a bare minimum.

The main body is a supple 70 denier nylon, and we reinforce the elbows with a 330 denier oxford. Like all of our dry tops, the gaskets are glued in by hand and 100% guaranteed for the first year after purchase. The jacket also features a fabric inner tunnel and velcro/neoprene wrist and waist closures.


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