John Weld
President of Immersion Research

John is not all that functional

Kara Weld
Immersion Research CEO

Kara pretty much runs the show

Jess Whittemore
Research and Development

Jess is in charge of all R&D and Immersion Research

Hayley Collins
Office Manager

Hayley is the IR office boss and bookkeeper

Todd Baker
Product Management

Todd is the lead project manager at IR

Mike McClintock
Senior Analyst

Mike works behind the scenes with tons of production and manufacturing details

Ian Wingert
Repair and Warranty

Ian glues, tapes, patches, and tests all of our repairs

James Braswell
Web Director

James handles website sales,
content, and expansion

Max Blackburn
Sales Manager

Max handles sales west of the Rockies, with a focus in the Pacific Northwest

Spencer Cooke
Southeast Sales

Spencer is our Southeast retail sales representative